Friday, July 31, 2009

The Very First Post Last Year

Well, I am new to Eclipse. But The concept of single IDE for multiple mobile development sdks is great. And this is what Eclipse Pulsar provides. I found it very convenient to switch between the different sdks like Android and Sony Erricson. The best part of Eclipse Galileo Pulsar is that its a focused IDE for mobile developers. Only thing I had expected more from the Galileo Eclipse is that the plugins selection should be well defined and distinguishably selectable. So that the defined Boundaries for the IDE can be selected before starting a particular job without making the appearance of IDE very complex. Also I had trouble in adding the Sun Java ME SDK 3.0 while Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 was easily added. One more thing I want to say is that the Eclipse Projects should have details about their functionality and use attached to them so that new users like me can easily understand which project suits our needs and also enable us to learn new ones.
Conclusion: A very Nice gift to Mobile Application Developers.